Follow these easy steps to prep your tiburons for optimal bounce

Using your TibTable

Our TibTables® are constructed from high-quality plywood and conditioned for the perfect bounce. We use advanced technology to guarantee impeccable image and design quality, coated with a protective laminate sheen for a weather-resistant, flawless finish.

Like a trusty steed, you must first mount your TibTable®. We’d recommend you do so with a 2-pack of our TibTables® brand Sawhorse Legs. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1

1. Open your TibTables® brand 2-pack Sawhorses and position them about 4-5 feet apart from each other.

Step 2

2. Atop each parallel side, insert the two wooden planks between the slot gaps of your sawhorses. This should connect your sawhorses together, forming a base.

Step 3

3. Rest your TibTable® atop its lavish throne and proceed.

Tiburon, California